Artificial Turf.

Artificial Turf

Artificial Turf

Why Choose Synthetic Turf?

With the rich look of real grass combined with this environmentally-friendly landscape solution, your backyard will be the showcase for everyone to enjoy.
The level of maintenance of a yard can make all the difference when it comes to how it looks and how clean it is. The fact is that maintaining a lawn takes a significant amount of time and effort. With our synthetic lawns be assured that the maintenance required is far less than with a conventional yard and is much safer.

Artificial Turf

The Artificial Install Process:

1. Excavation where needed to 4’’ below finished grade

2. Install a graded and compacted aggregate base

3. A geotextile fabric to prevent weeds is installed on top

4. Your turf is carefully installed with the proper seams

5. Infill is then power broomed into the turf to ensure an amazing looking yard

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